Ocular coherence tomography


Retinal Thickness

The automated pachymeter measures the central corneal thickness of your eye in microns. Thin corneas are a significant independent risk factor for glaucoma. 


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Non-invasive Imaging

The OCT is an amazing, high tech instrument which is used to visualize internal structures within the eye.  It allows for the early detection and precise following of the glaucomas and retinal disorders, such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other causes of macular edema.


digital Retinal photography

Digital Retinal Photography

Fundus Camera

The Digital Retinal Camera is used to take a precise image of structures within the back of the eye such as the retina, optic nerve and retinal blood vessels.

The important features are that it allows us to find small abnormalities and precisely follow changes over time. 



Video Slit Lamp & Gonioscopy


The slit lamp exam is used to provide a high resolution view of the front of your eye. This helps us get a closer view of a foreign body, infections, or injury to the eye, as well as monitor other eye diseases.  Gonioscopy is an important part of the glaucoma evaluation. 


AUtomated visual field Testing



Automated Visual Field Testing

Threshold Perimetry

The automated visual instrument carefully evaluates the patients side vision.  Conditions that can be detected and followed include glaucoma, optic nerve disease and neurological problems such as brain tumour and stroke. 



Refractive Error

The autorefractor is a computer-based instrument that is used to determine the refractive error and provide an estimated measurement of your prescription.